Note: This page is currently a draft and does not represent a coordinated roadmap.

Backlog management

People join and leave channels, query people and these people go offline. And even if not, there's plenty of logs, for which there is no clear search function inside of Quassel itself. Quassel Logging has some external scripts to this effect. There should be at least a log search system, and probably also means to "manage" backlog in some way.

  • #734 Retrieve unread highlights on attach | Non-linear backlog
    • #1330 server-side log search in core
    • «If the core would have such an API, it would be amazing... Especially for stuff like quasseldroid and so... Message filtering would be nice in general. "Give me all unread messages containing my nickname". Would be amazingly useful for notifications.»
  • #1252 separate log and backlog tables
  • #1083 Archive search
  • #1327 The search box should search the complete log
  • #716 Alternate Backlog Retrieval System - Timelines
  • #1204 Have an option to keep a buffer log, but not keep it in the channels tree
  • #1316 Quassel freezes when I switch to a buffer with large backlog

Highlights are currently client-side, forcing users to fetch a lot of scrollback, or miss them.

  • #1122 Reworking of the code for notifications, highlights and ignores (implement on the back end)
  • #1121 Track highlights (Away log) server-side
  • #989 Add ignore highlight option in a channel's context menu
  • #734 Retrieve unread highlights on attach | Non-linear backlog


Scripting ought to be core-side. Currently done by client-side scripts executed when the user runs a command, without any hooks or event handling.

  • #265 Plug-In/Script support
  • Task machinery (from seezer, needs feedback before using this to build event driven scripting thing)

Search box for current chat

  • #171 Add a /lastlog (irssi) feature