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10:00 AM Quassel IRC Bug #1501: Existing users cannot be authenticated against LDAP when database is converted
finlstrm wrote:
> However after zeroing out the password field and changing the authenticator field from Database to...


11:10 PM Quassel IRC Feature #773: Friendlist
Tucos wrote:
> Dupe.
Of which bug? #393 and #688 (which are marked as potential duplicates here) were also closed...


11:29 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1218: Channel's un-hidden status doesn't stay between client restarts
I can confirm this problem using client version 0.8.0.


03:49 PM Quassel IRC Feature #605 (Closed): Use tabs for channels
I don't need this anymore, my screen is much bigger and I got used to the treeview in the meantime.


08:36 PM Quassel IRC Feature #988 (New): Jump to last ...
I would like to have the ability for each channel to:
* jump to the (next-)last line written by me
* jump to the ...


07:21 AM Quassel IRC Bug #663: Crash when disabling uniform row heights for BufferView
I am using 0.6_betaSomething and havent had this issue in a while. Remembering talking to Sput and that it might have...
07:19 AM Quassel IRC Bug #600: CMake - EMBED_DATA vs. WITH_KDE
Puh, it's been quite a little while since I found this issue...
Assumption from reading my description: WITH_KDE u...


01:37 PM Quassel IRC Feature #258: Please make backlog searchable from client
This is actually a request for server-side search? I.e. entering a search term in the client should make the server s...
01:36 PM Quassel IRC Feature #616: Limit Backlog Retrieval Time
Having the same problem, I presented an alternative approach in #885.
01:33 PM Quassel IRC Feature #716: Alternate Backlog Retrieval System - Timelines
I do not like this idea. I often scroll up in the chatwindow to look at the lines that were written a bit ago, to cat...

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